Elite 2x2 The Guaranteed TWO FOR YOU Program!

Read the message below in blue from my sponsor to me on why you should get involved with this program!

You are on my 1st level in my 5th matrix so this means you will get 2 people placed under you automatically from my spillover so once your ad gets out there bringing you prospects you should not have any trouble filling up those matrixes. You should also tell those people that you know about the elite2x2 re-cycler and how fast you cycled. Let them know your in this with the Wright upline people that will help you to cycle over and over and also be a help to them also.


Elite 2x2 The Guaranteed TWO FOR YOU Program!

Elite2X2 Sponsors 2-4-U AND Everyone Else 

That You Sponsor, or Anyone That Joins,

Within 2-Weeks,"GUARANTEED By Elite"

How About Checking This Elite2x2 Out


No One Else Has This Guarantee, But Elite2x2 Only

It's A One Time Cost Of $297 & See The Returns

No Sponsoring, May Take About 30 Days To Cycle

Sponsoring Takes About 7-Days For Your First $297

1-Position, Cycling Once Per Week For-52 Weeks,

At $2,079.00+ Per Week = $108,1O8.00+ Year.

But, You Could Cycle More Than Once A Week...

THINK?  What If You Had 2,3,4,5,6+ Positions?

SUPER-GREAT For Non-Net-Workers TOO!

Cycle Over and Over, Again and Again



If You Have Questions About This Program Before

You Decide To Join  I Can Put You In Contact With 

My Sponsor Who Is The National Marketing Director!

Just E-Mail bwashins@gmail.com And Let Me No.

 Check It Out Now At:  http://elite2x2.com/teamwork

Ph#: 937-431-5324


  1. I am a member of the 100k club...another failed program thus far. This program will do the same. People are really tired of putting money into a program that will fail before they even start. Now, the new program is $297 plus $27. I'll pass.

  2. I understand your frustration because I have been in the same boat before! I just putting my trust in Miles and hoping his major marketing campaigns work and also getting two for everyone! So far I got 4 from spillover in my matrix not counting the 2 I will get from the company! We didn't even officially launch yet! v/r Barry